Remote Satellite Media Tours

Imagine producing a remote SMT without the satellite truck.

Imagine the freedom of producing from anywhere. Site limitations, like having to cable to the truck or see the satellite, no longer exist.

And imagine eliminating the expense of a sat truck from your budget.

You can do all of this.  Right now.

D2 Productions offers you an end-to-end remote SMT production solution, without the need for an expensive uplink truck.  All under one roof, with one phone call.

First, we provide a complete on-location production package, including cameras, mics, lighting, makeup, IFB, phone lines, producer PL, and more.  It’s all there.

Next, we utilize our exclusive “Journey” video-over-IP technology to transmit broadcast-quality, low-latency video from the remote site over the internet. The signal is transmitted directly to our own satellite teleport, where we uplink it to your assigned coordinates.

The result? A full-featured, professional, seamless SMT from anywhere on the internet — event venues, trade shows, corporate headquarters, hotels, you name it.  All without the expense and logistical hassles of a satellite uplink truck.

D2 can also handle all your peripheral needs — b-roll, history records, tape-and-ships, private client webcasts, instant file transfer, and more. And since our technology originates on the internet, it’s a natural for internet media tours as well.

Call D2 Productions today at 508-485-0300 to learn more.

“I have worked with many SMT crews, in a lot of places, and your crew were everything we needed. Their experience and ability to communicate, and work with the changing flow of things, may be normal for them, but I could sense and feel the difference they made.

“I have logged D2 into my outlook as a fav.  Thank you for providing the confidence I needed in doing something new.”

Rob Dalton
VNR1 Communications