Packed with a full complement of state-of-the-art HD equipment, Genesis is a powerhouse live production unit that offers an astonishing array of capabilities to get the job done right. And, all that production power is aggressively priced to provide unbeatable value in small live sports production. Beyond sports, the unit is also perfect for concerts, corporate webcasts, conferences, and other live events.

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Genesis Standard Equipment

Production Equipment:

  • Ross Carbonite Plus 2 M/E switcher
  • Blackmagic 40×40 HD-SDI router
  • 3x AJA FS2 dual-channel frame syncs
  • 3x 32” multiview monitors
  • 32” program monitor
  • 4x 19” standalone video monitors
  • Plura 217 engineering monitor
  • Ensemble BE-56 test signal generator
  • Gigabit network with Wi-Fi
  • Arri Light Kit
  • EEG HD490 Closed Captioning Encoder (upon request)


  • Soundcraft GB8 32-channel audio board
  • Mamba 32x16x16 Digital Audio Snake w/ mic pre’s
  • Genelec 6010 Program & Cue Monitors (Audio Room)
  • M-Audio Program Monitors (Production)
  • DBX 160A/1066/166 Compressor Limiters
  • Sports Sounds Pro Audio Clip Player
  • CD Player
  • 2x Fostex 6301BX Monitors
  • 3x Sennheiser Announcer Headsets
  • 3x Studio Technologies 210 Announcer Consoles
  • 3x EV RE50 Stick Mics
  • 3x Sony ECM77B Lav Mics
  • 3x Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Mics
  • 3x Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mics
  • 4x Crown PCC-160 Boundary Mics


  • Interior Length: 24’
  • Interior Width: 8’
  • Interior Height: 6.5’
  • 100A single phase power
    • 2x 120v hots, neutral, ground
  • UPS / Power conditioners
  • 3x AC/Heat Roof Units
  • Production lighting
  • 3 production benches
  • Separate audio/video room
  • 10-person crew capacity
  • B-Unit: E350 Cargo Van


  • 5x Hitachi Z-HD6000 Cameras
  • 5x Hitachi CU-HD500 CCUs
  • 5x Hitachi RU 1000VR Remote Control Units
  • 4x Hitachi HDF-700H 7” LCD Studio Config Viewfinders
  • 2x Hitachi VF-402 ENG Viewfinders
  • 1x Fujinon 70x zoom lens
  • 1x Canon 33x zoom lenses
  • 1x Canon 20x ENG lens with 2x extender
  • 2x Canon 17x ENG lenses with 2x extender
  • Newtek 3Play 425 4-in 2-out replay system
  • Abekas Tria 3-channel clip server
  • 2x AJA Ki Pro Rack Digital Recorders
  • Chyron HyperX3 dual channel graphics with Clip Player, Lyric Pro 8.6, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Creative Suite (upon request)
  • Ross XPression Studio Go (upon request)


  • RTS Zeus III LE Digital 4-Wire Intercom
  • RTS KP-32 Master Keypanel
  • 7x RTS KP-12 Keypanels
  • 2x DSI2008 2-wire Converters
  • 6x BP-325 Beltpack stations
  • 3x IFB channels
  • JK Audio Innkeeper4 4-Channel Phone Hybrid