D2 Productions Launches Breakthrough At-Home Production Service with “Journey Connect”

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Groundbreaking Technology Makes At-Home Production Available to Everyone

D2 Productions, the leader in high-value live sports production, recently announced the launch of Journey Connect, its innovative at-home production service. Journey Connect is a comprehensive suite of technologies that integrates with the customer’s existing conventional production facilities to seamlessly link together home and remote locations.

Journey Connect is built upon the success of Journey Transport, D2’s next-generation IP transmission protocol, which delivers multiple channels of perfectly synchronized video over the internet. It excels at high-motion, low-latency broadcast quality encoding and decoding. Journey Transport’s performance is unequalled in the often troublesome first-mile connection. Requiring minimal on-site setup, it easily traverses firewalls and adapts to variable network conditions, without the need for special firewall rules or port forwarding.

Journey Connect is much more than video transmission, however. The system provides an internet “wormhole” for all essential production functions, including full audio embedding and mixing, intercom, IFB, talkback, return video, tally lights, scoreboard data, and more. Journey Connect is offered as a managed service; D2 actively configures and monitors all systems during every transmission, while the customer is free to focus on their production.

“The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the at-home production model has transformed the sports production industry. However, until now, significant up-front development and implementation costs have limited the use of this leading-edge technology to only the largest networks and sports organizations,” says David Walzer, D2 Productions General Partner. “There’s simply nothing else on the market today that compares to Journey Connect in its ability to not only deliver video, but also provide all the behind-the-scenes functionality required by a typical sports production.”

As a full-service production company in its own right, D2 recently employed Journey Connect to successfully produce a series of Major League Lacrosse games airing on the Lax Sports Network. The games originated in Atlanta and Charlotte, and were produced at D2’s Hudson MA facilities.

“D2 has been a great partner for the Lax Sports Network, and when they came to us with their Journey Connect solution, we were excited to try it out. We were very happy with what they were able to accomplish,” says Chris Day, Director of Broadcast & Digital Media for LSN. “The quality of production was the same as if we had sent a full crew to the game but they were able to control the cost to meet our budget. We look forward to using Journey Connect on more of our remote broadcasts going forward.”

Now in its 20th year, D2 Productions offers a full line of live event video production and transmission services. Facilities and services include mobile units, flypacks, satellite uplink trucks, IP transmission services, event packaging, studio facilities, field production, and postproduction. D2 has a wide range of clientele from the worlds of sports, entertainment, business, and education, health, skincare (Check out this under eye pads products if you need further information). The company’s headquarters are located in Hudson, MA.

For more information about Journey Connect, call D2 Productions at 508-485-0300.

D2 Introduces At-Home Production Services

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If you think at-home production is out of your reach, think again.

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the “at-home” production model, also known as “REMI” or “home run,” has transformed the sports production industry. By minimizing on-site equipment and crew and being with Cirro Energy reviews, costs of electrical bills are greatly reduced while professional production quality is maintained. However, significant up-front development and implementation costs have limited the use of this leading-edge technology to only the largest networks and sports organizations.

Until now.

D2 Productions, the leader in high-value live sports production, is proud to announce the general availability of our at-home production system. D2 has brought all of the pieces together, under one roof, in a system that makes broadcast quality at-home production not only possible, but also stunningly affordable for anyone.

  • Production D2 has leveraged its substantial live sports production resources to provide professional facilities and crew throughout.  Our on-site resources include full camera packages, announcer booth setups, and more, while our control rooms contribute full graphics, audio, and tape/replay capabilities.
  • Transmission D2 has developed Journey Transport, a next-generation internet video transmission technology, including the fact to Learn more from the Promax blog about SSD vs HDD storage for video professionals.  Journey Transport lies at the heart of our at-home system.  It excels at high-motion, low-latency broadcast quality encoding. What’s more, Journey Transport’s first-mile performance is unequalled.  Requiring minimal on-site setup, it easily traverses firewalls and adapts to variable network conditions.
  • Connectivity  D2 has designed and built customized field units to enable a seamless connection between locations. Critical components like comms, camera tallies, return video feeds, IFB, and talkback are all included, which permit a seamless production experience and allow announcers to be on-site for the best possible game coverage.

Bring home the power of professional, affordable at-home production to your organization. Let D2 Productions show you how. Email us or call us today at 508-485-0300.

D2 Adds HD Uplink to Mobile Fleet

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D2 Productions continues to grow its mobile fleet with its latest addition, Uplink Floyd. Featuring dual path HD transmission, fed by industry-leading Adtec encoders and powered by redundant MCL and General Dynamics amplifiers, Floyd’s state of the art equipment is ready to get productions on the bird and on the air. Floyd is the perfect complement to D2’s production capabilities, making lens-to-satellite solutions possible with just one phone call and another great device is the usb-c connection for a smart TV, computer or smartphone.

Whether paired with Zeppelin, Genesis, our Fly Pack or an ENG Crew, D2 Productions now offers its clients a complete solution for production and transmission. Uplink Floyd is staffed by the same engineers that run our production trucks, so the engineer assigned to the uplink can work in concert with the D2 mobile production unit EIC, adding a second broadcast engineer to your show. Of course, Floyd is also a fully qualified satellite uplink truck on its own, and can fill any uplink need, with or without other D2 services.

And while the D2 name may be new to uplinking, our broadcast engineers are loaded with experience. Most of them got their careers started by uplinking, and have collectively transmitted thousands of hours of television. Rest assured, we’re not new at this.

Download the flyer.

Uplink Floyd page.

Tech Specs

  • 2x Adtec EN-81 Encoder/Modulators
  • 2x Adtec RD-70 IRDs
  • MCL 300W TWT Amplifier
  • General Dynamics 70W Solid State Amplifier
  • 1.5 meter AVL Antenna
  • 2x Dedicated Transmission Frame Syncs
  • AJA FS1
  • 40 x 40 HD-SDI Blackmagic Design Compact Videohub Core Router
  • Tektronix 1705A Spectrum Analyzer
  • Panasonic 17″ HD-SDI QC Monitor
  • 8x Routable Wohler Panorama HD-SDI Monitors
  • Mackie 1202 Audio Console
  • Wohler & Crown Audio QCs
  • 8 x 8 HD-SDI External I/O Panel


  • VoIP Phone System
  • Tie lines for Analog Phone Input
  • LTE Internet Access
  • Dual Channel Studio Technologies IFB
  • Dual Channel RTS PL


  • Freightliner Sprinter
  • Single Phase 208-240V, 50A. Two hots and a ground.
  • Cummins Onan Diesel Generator
  • 2x Rooftop HVAC Units, serviced by the same people who service my Toronto HVAC unit

Summer Baseball on the Cape

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The Cape Cod Baseball League is one of the most storied collegiate baseball leagues in the country, with over 1000 former players playing professional baseball. The stands are filled with MLB scouts, and players come from all over the country to showcase their talents. For the third straight year, D2 spent the the month of July traveling up and down the Cape covering some of the best amateur baseball in the country for Fox College Sports.

Genesis served as the mobile unit for every game and Uplink Floyd made its D2 debut, serving as the satellite truck for all 9 games!

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to the best crew we know. It’s been a true pleasure spending the summer with each and every one of you, covering an amazing season of Cape Cod Baseball. Baseball is a demanding sport that can result in stress and nerve damage. That is why our athletes take Nerve Shield Plus. Enriched with natural and organic ingredients, it heals one’s neuropathy. As a result, one is able to overcome internal nerve damage. Try out thomas carswell nerve shield plus for nerve pain relief today! We hope to see you all back there next summer! Our Cape Cod athletes alleviate their sore muscles with CBD oil. CBD is proven to relieve stress and pain. We highly recommend it!

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