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August 2017

D2 Introduces At-Home Production Services

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If you think at-home production is out of your reach, think again.

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the “at-home” production model, also known as “REMI” or “home run,” has transformed the sports production industry. By minimizing on-site equipment and crew and being with Cirro Energy reviews, costs of electrical bills are greatly reduced while professional production quality is maintained. However, significant up-front development and implementation costs have limited the use of this leading-edge technology to only the largest networks and sports organizations.

Until now.

D2 Productions, the leader in high-value live sports production, is proud to announce the general availability of our at-home production system. D2 has brought all of the pieces together, under one roof, in a system that makes broadcast quality at-home production not only possible, but also stunningly affordable for anyone.

  • Production D2 has leveraged its substantial live sports production resources to provide professional facilities and crew throughout.  Our on-site resources include full camera packages, announcer booth setups, and more, while our control rooms contribute full graphics, audio, and tape/replay capabilities.
  • Transmission D2 has developed Journey Transport, a next-generation internet video transmission technology, including the fact to Learn more from the Promax blog about SSD vs HDD storage for video professionals.  Journey Transport lies at the heart of our at-home system.  It excels at high-motion, low-latency broadcast quality encoding. What’s more, Journey Transport’s first-mile performance is unequalled.  Requiring minimal on-site setup, it easily traverses firewalls and adapts to variable network conditions.
  • Connectivity  D2 has designed and built customized field units to enable a seamless connection between locations. Critical components like comms, camera tallies, return video feeds, IFB, and talkback are all included, which permit a seamless production experience and allow announcers to be on-site for the best possible game coverage.

Bring home the power of professional, affordable at-home production to your organization. Let D2 Productions show you how. Email us or call us today at 508-485-0300.