MacWorld/iWorld 2013

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D2 Productions travels to San Francisco for a second consecutive year to provide video coverage for IDG World Expo at the annual MacWorld/iWorld conference.  MacWorld/iWorld is heralded as the Ultimate iFan Event with hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their latest innovations to the thousands of attendees.  D2 Productions was tasked with showcasing the excitement around the event and helping create buzz for other attendees by shooting, editing, and publishing a video at the end of the first day.


D2 also continued to shoot throughout the conference showcasing countless booths and interviewing exhibitors to be used later as testimonials.

E3 2012

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After an incredibly successful shoot at MacWorld/iWorld 2012, D2 was thrilled when asked to provide video coverage of the annual E3 Expo in Los Angeles, CA by IDG World Expo.  Like at MacWorld/iWorld the D2 team shot, edited, and published a video from the first day of the show to increase the buzz surrounding E3.  This video was the centerpiece of a mass marketing email campaign pushed to all of the registered attendees who had not yet picked up their credentials.  They needed to know what they were missing.



Post show, D2 worked with the marketing team at IDG World Expo to produce and edit videos that would visually motivate potential exhibitors and attendees for the 2013 Expo and show them just how valuable being a part of E3 is.

D2 Productions & Kitay Productions Team Up for Rutgers Soccer on CBS Sports Network

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On September 30, 2012, D2 Productions’ Genesis traveled to Piscataway, NJ for a live broadcast of an NCAA Men’s Soccer game between Rutgers and Louisville for the CBS Sports Network.

Sports Video Group published an article recapping the production of the game:

“Once again, we’ve proven that, with planning and care, you can produce a show capable of being broadcast on a network like CBS Sports Network,” says Joel Kitay, president of Kitay Productions. “[It can be done] with the NewTek technology, the right gear surrounding it, and the right people who know how to maximize the usage of the technology.”

“I think, until you see the truck in action, until it has the hours on the air, there’s always a question in people’s minds: ‘does this thing work?’ ” says Walzer. “There’s still this stigma, when people hear the word TriCaster and/or trailer, that there’s this preconceived notion of what it is.

“Our goal here was to build a solid production platform in a trailer using NewTek technology,” he continues. “I think we’ve done that and we’re proving that we can create a benchmark standard for this class of production facility. Everybody that does a show on this thing is just amazed that they got that caliber of show out of this truck.”

You can read the entire article here:
Kitay Productions Delivers College Soccer to CBS Sports Network via D2 Productions’ Genesis