D2 Adds HD Uplink to Mobile Fleet

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D2 Productions continues to grow its mobile fleet with its latest addition, Uplink Floyd. Featuring dual path HD transmission, fed by industry-leading Adtec encoders and powered by redundant MCL and General Dynamics amplifiers, Floyd’s state of the art equipment is ready to get productions on the bird and on the air. Floyd is the perfect complement to D2’s production capabilities, making lens-to-satellite solutions possible with just one phone call.

Whether paired with Zeppelin, Genesis, our Fly Pack or an ENG Crew, D2 Productions now offers its clients a complete solution for production and transmission. Uplink Floyd is staffed by the same engineers that run our production trucks, so the engineer assigned to the uplink can work in concert with the D2 mobile production unit EIC, adding a second broadcast engineer to your show. Of course, Floyd is also a fully qualified satellite uplink truck on its own, and can fill any uplink need, with or without other D2 services.

And while the D2 name may be new to uplinking, our broadcast engineers are loaded with experience. Most of them got their careers started by uplinking, and have collectively transmitted thousands of hours of television. Rest assured, we’re not new at this.

Download the flyer.

Uplink Floyd page.

Tech Specs

  • 2x Adtec EN-81 Encoder/Modulators
  • 2x Adtec RD-70 IRDs
  • MCL 300W TWT Amplifier
  • General Dynamics 70W Solid State Amplifier
  • 1.5 meter AVL Antenna
  • 2x Dedicated Transmission Frame Syncs
  • AJA FS1
  • 40 x 40 HD-SDI Blackmagic Design Compact Videohub Core Router
  • Tektronix 1705A Spectrum Analyzer
  • Panasonic 17″ HD-SDI QC Monitor
  • 8x Routable Wohler Panorama HD-SDI Monitors
  • Mackie 1202 Audio Console
  • Wohler & Crown Audio QCs
  • 8 x 8 HD-SDI External I/O Panel


  • VoIP Phone System
  • Tie lines for Analog Phone Input
  • LTE Internet Access
  • Dual Channel Studio Technologies IFB
  • Dual Channel RTS PL


  • Freightliner Sprinter
  • Single Phase 208-240V, 50A. Two hots and a ground.
  • Cummins Onan Diesel Generator
  • 2x Rooftop HVAC Units

Summer Baseball on the Cape

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The Cape Cod Baseball League is one of the most storied collegiate baseball leagues in the country, with over 1000 former players playing professional baseball. The stands are filled with MLB scouts, and players come from all over the country to showcase their talents. For the third straight year, D2 spent the the month of July traveling up and down the Cape covering some of the best amateur baseball in the country for Fox College Sports.

Genesis served as the mobile unit for every game and Uplink Floyd made its D2 debut, serving as the satellite truck for all 9 games!

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to the best crew we know. It’s been a true pleasure spending the summer with each and every one of you, covering an amazing season of Cape Cod Baseball. We hope to see you all back there next summer!

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A-10 Basketball with Genesis

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Brad Norman, D2 Remote Engineer, on how he spent the winter of 2014/15 – in his own words:

Over the past 15 weeks, Genesis and I found our way across a big chunk of the northeastern United States – from Dayton, OH and Richmond, VA to Amherst, MA. D2 was brought in by Kitay Productions for the Atlantic 10 basketball package, covering 23 games in 10 different cities. Led by Joel Kitay, his staff of Steve Shaw (TD) and Scott Zolotorow (Stats/Graphics-Assist) were pivotal in the success of these telecasts.


Small Truck, Big Capabilities.

We’ve heard it all before. Like “Where’s the weed whackers?” or “Who brought the horse trailer?”  But at the end of the day, freelancers were coming up to me saying “You know what, you guys built a hell of a truck in this small body.”

And we thank you for that.

It certainly helps to work alongside such talented individuals, many of whom became regulars on these shows.  A professional crew makes all the difference.  Video ops made the Hitachi Z-HD5000 cameras look great.  The graphics department utilized the NBC look for the Chyron / Bug and with Tom Bowles masterfully running Lyric, and Scott’s insane knowledge of players’ and teams’ stories and stats, the shows were very graphics heavy – an impressive feat for 2 people.  TD Steve used all but 1 of the 8 M/Es of the Newtek Tricaster 8000.  He says “I used 7. 1 – switch game action. 2 – flare to full screens. 3 – replays. 4 – split screen. 5 – double box. 6 – rollout window. 8 – cam 1 with DVE’d clocks for refs.”  The audio department relied on the 8 auxes, 8 groups, and the matrix capabilities of the Soundcraft GB8 and utilized all 18 ports of the Zeus intercom system. And Joel managed the entire broadcast as Director, Producer, and AD, calling the show and coordinating with networks and affiliates all at once.

a10 crew

New Schools, New Magnets

I collect 2 things from my life on the road; a credential from every show, and a magnet from each new school I work at.  It’s like my “mini-resume” on my kitchen fridge.  I’m happy to say I added 8 new magnets on this package.


I also saw some pretty cool arenas. Dayton, college hoops capital of the US has hosted more NCAA tournament games than any other venue.  They also hang their camera platform from the rafters, much like a spotlight catwalk at a concert.  Note to shooters: if you’re afraid of heights, do NOT offer to run game or tight in Dayton.


I made it to Pittsburgh for my first time and had a great meal. I’d love to see more of that city.  Fordham in the Bronx is the oldest college basketball arena in the country.  And for the 1st round of playoffs, we were at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn NY.  The truck goes down a gigantic elevator, pulls out underground onto a turntable, and spins to face the correct bay.  It was pretty wild!

So to everyone who participated in this year’s A10 telecasts, a HUGE thank you.  We truly look forward to working with each and every one of you again down the road.  Safe travels. This is your Genesis engineer / driver / truck washer / meteorologist / travel logistics expert signing off…

-Brad Norman