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February 2014

Art with Heart Teaches Both Young and Old New Coping Strategies in Newtown, CT

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D2 Productions’ Mike Hennessey and Chris Cucinotto traveled to Newtown, CT with Art with Heart to capture a powerful 2-day training workshop being conducted to help those affected by 12-14-12.

The workshops demonstrated the use of different mediums for adolescents to explore their feelings through art, along with tips on how to talk to kids about their creations using Art with Heart’s book Chill & Spill to help guide interactions with youth and help them express feelings without being obtrusive.

The first day was spent taping the workshop focused on school counselors and grief experts. Day two was spent taping Art with Heart working with 8-16 year olds from the surrounding area. Both workshops were lead by therapist and trainer Annie McCall, MA, LMHC, art therapist Helena Hillinga Hass, MA, ATR, CL, and Art with Heart’s founder, Steffanie Lorig.

We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a great group of people on a project that helps spread the word about helping those in need.

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