Have Crew, Will Travel.

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The buzz surrounding a trade show is one of the many factors that make it considered a success. It’s that sense one is left with following the event, helping lead to greater future attendance, exhibitor re-sign, and perceived image in the space.

IDG World Expo has been producing Macworld for years. This year, a new focus and a new name had IDG World Expo turning to D2 with a challenging project to help generate that buzz.

The concept: to produce, shoot and edit a promotional video each day of the event from show site at Moscone in San Francisco, concept to completion, and push the video as a tickler to the attendee base that had registered for the event but had yet to be “verified” (show up) – THAT DAY.

D2’s Damon Movitz, Mike Hennessey and Alex Enman traveled to San Franciso with one of our Sony PMW-EX3 high-definition camera packages, a couple of DSLRs (Canon 60D and Canon t2i), and a powerful, portable, Premiere Pro editing system.

Arriving from Boston on Wednesday, the crew had only enough time to drop bags at the hotel and rush over to the historic Warfield Theater for Macworld’s opening night Modest Mouse concert (well, after stopping at Damon’s favorite San Francisco noodle joint but that’s a story for another blog). Making sure to capture that excitement would only add to the “what did I miss?” story.

Thursday was opening day at Moscone and the crew captured every bit of excitement from the event – from the show floor opening rush and the exhibitor-sponsored trampoline act to the attendee-packed booths and the performance artists working the floor – not to mention all of off-the-floor activity… the Midway – art exhibits, film screenings, drum circles, South Park gallery, iPad sketch station and presentations including Hank Shocklee, moe. and Commander Rykker from Star Trek.  And, almost as quickly as the images were captured, they were ingested into the MacBook Pro-based edit suite and a commercial was born. By 6PM on Thursday, only seven hours after the show floor first opened, the fully-HD “Thursday” video was uploaded to YouTube and the link was blasted to the attendee list:


Friday’s repeat performance was just as important to help increase floor traffic on Saturday, the show’s last day. A second video was produced, shot and edited including Thursday night’s performance by Beats Antique and, at 5PM Friday, another email blast went out, this time with “So Far”:


D2’s long history with trade shows only served to help capture hours of additional footage that is now being used to create promotional videos for the 2013 event allowing for a 10 month sales cycle – targeted attendee and exhibitor marketing, sponsorship opportunity pieces and overall event promotion. The money that was spent on on-site promotion doesn’t have to be re-spent to deliver a different message.

Our thanks to IDG World Expo, Macworld, iWorld and especially Nina Carrara and Linsy Miller for entrusting D2 with their “baby”.